Research projects

    1. Documentation for the project “Realizing Continual Learning through Modeling a Learning System as a Fiber Bundle” (2018)
    2. Documentation for the project “Predicting stock prices using I Ching” (2017)
    3. Documentation for the project  “Grand canonical minority game” (2017)
    4. Documentation for the project “Evolutionary Minority Game (EMG)” (2017)
    5. Documentation for the project “Group dynamics” (2017)
    6. Documentation for the project “Universality and correlations in individuals wandering through an online extremist space” (2017)
    7. Documentation for the project “The impact of asymmetric information-flow on the power-law exponent” (2017)

IT projects

Here are demos for some of the IT projects I have done during my spare time (just for fun):

  1. An automated writing reviser based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology (see the introduction here for more information); and it reached 78,000 page-views after being launched for about six months: (2017)
  2. A convenient and cost-free way of testing your degree of myopia online with your cellphone, developed during a recent hackathon: (2017)
  3. The Homepage for an IT project on off-campus housing: (2016)
  4. The prototype for the off-campus housing project: (2016)
  5. A VIP system for chain-store management: (2015)
  6. A micro-blog that allows paragraph-wise comments, developed years ago and currently maintained by one of my friends: (2014)


Tiny pieces of code (click the links to access):

  1. Recoloring an image using the coloring style of another image (2017)
  2. A simple data downloader written in python, very convenient for serving scientific data from urls. The urls can be Dropbox sharing links or any other types of links linking to an online file. It can also be used for other downloading tasks. (2017)
  3. A light-weighted grade inputter for the TAs in our university that helps each TA save more than 10 hours per semester (coded purely in HTML and JavaScript). (2015)

happiness = 1
while happy:
    for aBetterWorld in MyMind:
        happiness += 1