Documentation for the project “Predicting stock prices using I Ching”

This is the documentation for a python package for predicting the stock prices using I Ching. Table of contents: Installation and setup Drawing the 8x8-Gua rotating plane Drawing the 64 c-Guas Drawing the 64 c-Guas and their corresponding Xiangs Predicting the stock prices 5.1 Obtaining the basic mode of velocities 5.2 Generating the dataset for … Continue reading Documentation for the project “Predicting stock prices using I Ching”


Deep Learning, NLP, and Representations Posted on July 7, 2014 关键词: 神经网络,深度学习,表征,NLP,递归神经网络 Introduction 简介 In the last few years, deep neural networks have dominated pattern recognition. They blew the previous state of the art out of the water for many computer vision tasks. Voice recognition is also moving that way. 在过去几年中,模式识别为深层神经网络所主导。它们在很多计算机视觉问题中的表现,超越了之前得到的最佳结果。语音识别也朝着这个趋势发展。 But despite the results, … Continue reading 深度学习、自然语言处理、表征


原文(Original article): “Neural Networks, Manifolds, and Topology”, topology, neural networks, deep learning, manifold hypothesis 关键词:拓扑、神经网络、深度学习、流形猜想 Recently, there’s been a great deal of excitement and interest in deep neural networks because they’ve achieved breakthrough results in areas such as computer vision.1 近年来,由于深度学习神经网络在计算机视觉等领域的突破性进展,深度学习已然成为一个令人兴奋的、很有趣的领域 1。 However, there remain a number of concerns about them. One is that it … Continue reading 神经网络、流形、拓扑

A python code for the basic minority game (MG)

The minority game (MG) is probably the simplest mathematical model of a market, and has become a hot topic of research due to its simplicity and rich phenomena. Here I'm going to present a Python code for the basic MG. This code is simple and easily extensible. The readers of this article are assumed to … Continue reading A python code for the basic minority game (MG)